When customers complain on social media, how should companies respond?

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Over the last week, Ann Coulter and Delta Air Lines have climbed into the boxing ring of social media.

They’re surrounded by thousands of digital spectators cheering and booing via tweets and other commentary about Delta’s fateful change of Coulter’s seat.

When Coulter unleashed a string of tweets criticizing Delta, it sparked a toxic debate about civility and privacy, passenger frustration with airlines, and liberal versus conservative perspectives.

It also raises questions as to when should companies choose to engage with a critic – especially one with the influence of Coulter – and what happens if they don’t?

We talked to social media and crisis management experts about the Delta vs Ann Coulter match-up. To see their take on Delta’s response to Coulter and examples of other companies that ended up in hot water on social media, including JC Penney due to a Hitler-lookalike teapot, Coca-Cola over an outdated map of Russia and CNN with President Donald Trump, read the full story on MyAJC.com.

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