July 4th travelers streaming into Hartsfield-Jackson

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Credit: John Spink / AJC

As 4th of July travel kicks off, travelers were bustling through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Friday on what is expected to be a record-setting day for passenger counts.

Lines were moving through security checkpoints at the Atlanta airport Friday morning. Hartsfield-Jackson expects more than 90,000 travelers to pass through its checkpoints throughout the day, surpassing the previous record set over the Memorial Day travel period.

Airport advised travelers to get to the airport at least two hours before their flights to allow enough time to park, check in, get through security and to their gate. The airport is in the middle of a $6 billion expansion and renovation, and said it would keep construction to a minimum.

But travelers should allow extra time to get around detours in domestic terminal parking garages and construction zones in the curbside area.

Security officials warn travelers that fireworks are prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage, and cannot be brought onto an airliner.


These fireworks were discovered by TSA in checked and carry-on bags last week at airports around the nation. Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in checked and carry-on bags. Source: TSA

Prohibited fireworks include aerial repeater and aerial shell fireworks, bottle rockets, chasers, firecrackers, flying spinners, fountains, ground spinners, missiles, parachute fireworks, poppers, Roman candles, skyrockets, smoke fireworks, snakes, snaps, sparklers, strobes and wheels, according to the federal Transportation Security Administration. Those items are flammable, made from explosive materials and are considered hazardous, TSA says.

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