Hartsfield-Jackson opens “lactation pods”

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The LatchPal Breastfeeding Clip holds up mom’s shirt to make it easier for baby to feed and mom to move during feeding. (LatchPal)

The world’s busiest airport has opened four “lactation pods” for nursing mothers on its concourses, and plans to open a nursing room in the domestic terminal.

Hartsfield-Jackson International opened the Mamava lactation pods in the last couple of weeks, according to spokesman Reese McCranie. The pods are on Concourses T, B, D and F, are free to use and are paid for with advertising.

Each lactation unit has a locked door, bench, changing table and electrical outlet for pumps.

lactation pod

Example of a Mamava pod. Source: mamava.com


Hartsfield-Jackson is opening the units after an online petition started several years ago asked the airport to put in lactation rooms.

The airport in 2013 sought a company to open a free nursing room along with a children’s play area and interactive game lounge, but that contracting process was not completed.

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