Hartsfield-Jackson plans to offer luggage wrap service

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Source: SFO

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport plans to offer luggage wrapping service, similar to those offered at other international airports where travelers can have a suitcase wrapped in a giant sheet of plastic.

The move is part of an effort to establish Atlanta as a shopping destination, marketing Buckhead and other shopping districts to international travelers. Plastic film wrapped around luggage is seen as a way to deter theft of items from bags.

Hartsfield-Jackson general manager Miguel Southwell has pointed to the success of the Miami airport’s luggage wrapping services, saying: “People don’t wrap bags unless they have valuables in those bags.”

At airports that offer the service, prices vary but can hover around $10 to $15 a bag.

Source: SFO

An example of luggage wrapping service, at San Francisco International Airport. Source: SFO

According to airport documents, Hartsfield-Jackson is seeking a contractor to operate up to 15 luggage wrapping machines in the international terminal, domestic terminal, rental car center and in post-security areas.

The airport will require that the concessionaire offer free re-wrapping service in post-security areas for those whose luggage is opened and inspected by the Transportation Security Administration.

Secure Wrap

Secure Wrap luggage wrapping service at New York’s JFK airport

At the Miami airport, where Southwell served as a deputy director before coming to Atlanta, the luggage wrapping service has generated so much demand that competition recently sparked controversy over outside operators, according to the Miami Herald.

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